Les oiseaux perchés (the perched birds) is a space of possibles.

A space dedicated to research and expression of movement trough different physical or plastic art practices.

It's an artistic platform created by  Julien Rossin, dancer, performer  and choreographer born in Marseille.

Les oiseaux perchés are born from the desire to include, to share, to experiment. The desire to believe and build something , to leave a legacy together. It's some crazy artists and a vibrant public.



©Albert Vidal

julien rossin

Julien Rossin feed himself on different type of dance, theater and song.

In 2014 he graduated as a contemporary dancer from “Varium”, a professional contemporary dance school directed by Anna Sanchez in Barcelona.

He worked with several artists and companies, Zoa Xeper, Le Cirque du Soleil, Erre que Erre, Cobosmika among others.

Since 2011, he has collaborated with Marc Dossetto for Magie Nouvelle creations mixing illusion and mapping projection.

He created the duo Efil with Arias Fernandez in 2015 and after a residency in Tokyo, Aura in 2016 with Aina Lanas, both presented in numerous festivals in Europe.

His curiosity leads him to the game of exploration and allows him to develop his own “Abstract / experimental” language while continuing to train with leading artists who inspire him.


Since 2017 he offers with Ivana Duzanec to his project Impulso del Silencio, research workshops around dance and circus to the deaf community.

In 2018 he created his own company with the piece Perception which won several awards with the support of the association 1cube.
Since 2014 he has performed for the German choreographer Nadine Gerspacher for the creations “Elegantly Wasted” “Expresso Doppio” and
The Age of Aquarium in 2019. He will be in the cast of the new show “Non upgrade for existence” in 2021.


©Albert Vidal